Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


The Race for a Super-Antibody Against the Coronavirus

A network of scientists is chasing the pandemic’s holy grail: an antibody that protects against not just the virus, but also related pathogens that may threaten humans.

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Virtual Biomed Grad School Fair- October 28, 2020

Meet School Representatives from Biomed Programs in a Live Virtual Setting- Free for all Prospective Students to Attend. Register today and learn about the exciting research opportunities at Einstein.

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Dr. Cuervo on Cellular Pollution, Autophagy, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Cancer

Why do centenarians remain healthy through old age and avoid common illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and cancer? The answer may partly be connected to how well the cells in their bodies manage to keep clean— through a process called autophagy.

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