Einstein & Biotechnology Pharma Club


We at the Einstein Biotech/Pharma Club – Graduate Research Organization (EBC-GRO) aim to expose our graduate students and Post Docs to alternative careers outside of academia and to introduce companies to future talent. To meet the changing demand for Ph.D. degree holders, provide career advice from different fields such as drug development, pharmaceuticals, biotech startups and life sciences entrepreneurship that seek scientists with advanced life-science degrees.

In a world of dwindling NIH funding and a challenging job market, not only do Einstein students need to be great bench scientists, but also they require exposure about the opportunities in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and the legal and financial sectors.

It is our goal to provide quality networking opportunities via the organization of events that position members of the Einstein community to succeed in professional careers outside of academia. We are also part of New York Graduate Research Organization (GRO) that provides us with a bigger network and job opportunities.

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