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The ECHO Pre-Health Summer Program 2020 Application is CLOSED.


Located in the South Bronx, ECHO is the first student-organized clinic that opened in the New York metropolitan area. Since then, ECHO has been committed to serving patients from the five Boroughs and parts of Westchester County. Our mission is to provide free primary care for people who lack health insurance or cannot afford insurance and healthcare. Operated by the Institute for Family Health and coordinated by the medical students of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, ECHO provides routine medical exams, social services, counseling, as well as referral services.  


During the summer, ECHO is recruiting pre-medical and pre-health students to help run the administrative side of the clinic. You will rotate through various volunteer positions including patient registration, health education, translation, research, clinical shadowing, and interpretation (if applicable). Here are short descriptions of some of the volunteer positions:


  • Patient advocates are paired with patients and guide them through their entire visit. They escort patients to various stations (exam room, blood draw, social work, referrals) while providing health education during downtime.   
  • Front desk volunteers participate in the administrative side of the clinic. They greet patients when they first walk through the door and guide them through the registration process. Front desk volunteers ensure that all appropriate paperwork and lab results are linked to the patient’s chart in our electronic medial record. They also call patients who missed their appointments to help them reschedule.  
  • Research volunteers participate in clinic quality improvement projects by compiling data from the electronic medical record. This information is used to determine the current state of patient care at ECHO and how it can be improved. When coming into clinic in the research role, volunteers also help with patient triage by measuring vitals when patients first arrive at clinic.   
  • Interpreters are volunteers who interpret conversations between students or physicians and patients who do not speak English. A large percentage of ECHO’s patient population is Spanish-speaking, so the majority of our interpreters are Spanish interpreters.   


Our Saturdays begin when we meet at the clinic at 8:15. We open at 8:30 a.m. and register patients until noon. The day’s work is generally completed by 3 or 4 p.m. depending on the number of volunteers and the volume of patients.  


The summer program will run from mid-June through the end of August. While volunteers will not be assigned to come in every Saturday, applicants must be available for a vast majority of the summer.


There is an orientation session at the beginning of the summer to prepare you for clinic. Attendance is mandatory. No exceptions.   


For questions about the ECHO Pre-Health Summer Program, email our Pre-Health Coordinator.

ECHO Clinic

1894 Walton Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

Telephone: 718.583.3060

Schedule an appointment, call 1.800.836.1316

For general questions, email our project director.




Support the ECHO Center 

To make a non-monetary donation of goods or services to further the mission of ECHO, please contact us at echofundraising@gmail.com.

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