Analytical Imaging Facility

Zeiss Axio Observer CLEM

microscope observer price The Zeiss Axio Observer CLEM (Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy) is our microscope dedicated to correlative electron and light microscopy.     


Microscope: Observer Z1 


5X NA=0.16 Air 
10X NA=0.3 Air 
20X NA=0.5 Air
40X NA=1.3 Oil
63X NA=1.4 Oil
100X NA=1.4 Oil  


Fluorescence Filters: 

Standard filter set: DAPI, Alexa 488, DsRed, Cy5
Live filter set: CFP, YFP, GFP, TexasRed, tripple band pass (Upon request) 


Image Detection: Zeiss Axiocam HRc camera (Color)
 Zeiss AxioCam MRm camera (Black/White)


Software: Axiovision 

XY-Stage: Motorized    

 Additional Features: Z-stacking; Time-lapse;  Multiple point visiting; Mosaic; Structural illumination (Apotome); Correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy (Shuttle and Find)



Scale Bar Information
Forchheimer 641D

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