Analytical Imaging Facility

Multiphoton Olympus

microscope multiphoton
 Microscope: Olympus Inverted IX81

Objectives:   25X NA= 1.05 water


Multiphoton Lasers: 

Excitation Lines (Lasers): 690-1040nm (Spectra Physics Mai Tai-DeepSee)

Fixed Fluorescence Channels: Second Harmonics, CFP, GFP, mCherry

Image Detection:Point scanning with 4 PMT’s


Additional Lasers for Photoactivation: 405nm, 458nm, 488nm, 515nm, 559nm, 635nm  


Epi-Fluorescence Filters: DAPI, eGFP, Cy3 

Software: Olympus FV1000 acquisition package 

XY-Stage: Motorized

Environmental Control: Heated Chamber

Additional Features: Z-stacking; Time-lapse; Multiple point visiting; Photoactivation, FRET, FRAP, Mosaic



Price 211A

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