Analytical Imaging Facility

Leica SP8

microscope sp8Attention: The NIH requires that all publications using data from this instrument must list SIG # 1S10OD023591-01  



Microscope: Inverted DMi8


10X NA=0.4 Air   PLAPO   WD=2.2mm
20X NA=0.75 Air   PLAPO   WD=0.64mm
40X NA=1.3 Oil   PLAPO   WD=0.24mm
63X NA=1.4 Oil   PLAPO   WD=0.14mm 

Excitation Lines (Lasers): 405 nm, White Light Laser range of 470nm – 670nm (with up to 8 laser lines simultaneously)

Additional Excitation (Lasers): 440 nm (pulsed) for FLIM, Argon (458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 496nm, 524nm) for FRAP

Emission: Adjustable emission windows

Image Detection:Two Single Molecule Detection HyDs, one HyD, two PMTs (photomultipliers)

Software: LAS X 

XY-Stage: Motorized high-precision stage (<5nm)

Environmental Control: Heated stage top incubator, Objective heater

 Additional Features: Equipped with AOBS system, Z-stacking, Time-lapse, Photoactivation, FRET, FLIP, FRAP, Mosaic, Multi-point visiting, Resonant fast scanning mode, Spectrometer, FLIM, FCS, Photoactivation, Reflection-based Adaptive Focus Control (AFC), Huygens Deconvolution




Forchheimer 641





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