Analytical Imaging Facility

Leica SP5 AOBS

microscope sp5  Microscope: Inverted DMI6000

10X NA=0.4 Air
20X NA=0.7 Air
20X NA=0.7 (Multi-Immersion; Glycerol, Oil, Water)
40X NA= 1.25 Oil
63X NA=1.4 Oil 

Excitation Lines (Lasers): 405nm, 458nm, 476nm,
488nm, 496nm, 514nm, 543nm, 594nm, 633nm

Emission: Adjustable emission windows

Image Detection: Point scanning with 4 Multiplier Tubes (PMT’s)

Software: Leica LAS-AF

XY-Stage: Motorized 

Environmental Control: Heated Chamber

 Additional Features: Equipped with AOBS system; Z-stacking; Time-lapse; Photoactivation, FRET, FLIP, FRAP, iFRAP; Mosaic; Multi-point visiting



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