Analytical Imaging Facility

JEOL 1400Plus

microscope 1400PlusAttention: The NIH requires that all publications using data from this instrument must list SIG # 1S10OD016214-01A1  


The JEOL JEM-1400Plus Transmission Electron Microscope offers ultimate in 120kV performance for biolomedical science and ultrastructural pathology applications. The JEM-1400Plus features high resolution/high contrast imaging, outstanding TEM analytical performance, 3D tomography, and montaging.



  • JEOL JEM-1400Plus TEM
  • 120kV
  • LaB6 filament
  • High contrast objective lens
  • High tilt specimen holder
  • Serial EM for electron tomography
  • Gatan Orius SC1000B 11 megapixel bottom mount camera
  • Gatan digital micrograph

Electron Microscopy Preparation
Forchheimer 633NA

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