Analytical Imaging Facility

Digital Station #5

microscope DS5Digital Station #5 was purchased with funds on a Shared Instrumentation grant in 2002 to meet the needs of high speed digital imaging of dual labeled particles moving in cells (e.g. CFP/YFP or GFP/TexasRed) and to perform ratio FRET (especially CFP/YFP). Instrument is also used for long (6 to 18 hours) time lapse sequences. 

Microscope: Inverted Olympus IX70

20x NA=0.5 Air
40X NA=0.75 Air
60X NA=1.40 Oli
60X NA=1.42 Oil
100X NA=1.40 Oil

Condensers:   Long Working Distance (NA=0.55) 

Extra Long Working Distance (NA=0.3) for cell collection (upon request)

Fluorescence Filters: CFP, YFP, Cy3, Cy5, Magic Mirror

Image Detection: Sensicam QE cooled CCD camera (Black/White) 

Software: Metamorph  

XY-Stage: Motorized  

Environmental Control: Heated Chamber 

 Additional Features: Optical insights Dual-View; Z-stacking: Time-lapse; FRET; Piezo focusing; Microinjection (FemtoJet, Eppendorf) 




Scale Bar Information 
Price Center 210D

Customized Development of DS5 

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