Analytical Imaging Facility

Digital Station #2

Microscope-DS2 Microscope: Inverted Olympus IX81

10X NA=0.25 Air
20X NA=0.40 Air
40X NA=0.60 Air (LWD) (for use with substrates thicker than coverslips)  
60X NA=1.4 Oil

Condensers:   Long Working Distance (NA=0.55)

Fluorescence Filters: DAPI, CFP, FITC, Cy3, Cy5, YFP  

Image Detection: Sensicam QE cooled CCD camera (Black/White) 

Software: IP Lab 4.0.8 

XY-Stage: Manual 

Environmental Control: Heated stage  

 Additional Features: Z-stacking




 Scale Bar Information 
Forchheimer 641E

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