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3D Histech P250 High Capacity Slide Scanner

Microscope-PEScanner The 3D Histech P250 High Capacity Slide Scanner is an automated high speed, high capacity slide scanner (up to 250 slides per batch), it has brightfield and fluorescence.

Attention: The NIH requires that all publications using data from this instrument must list SIG #1S10OD019961-01  


20X NA=0.8 AIR
40X NA=0.95 AIR

Fluorescence Filters: Dapi, GFP, RFP, CY5

Image detection: 

Brightfield (immunohistochemistry): 
high-speed, 4 megapixel, color CMOS camera (VCC-FC60FR19CL, CIS Corp.)
low-noise high-speed 5.5 megapixel CCD camera (PCO.edge, PCO Inc.)


Light Source: 

Brightfield (immunohistochemistry): 
stroboscopic illumination with slide traveling at constant velocity in xy (Lumencor Spectra) 
multi-color LED light source and quad band dichroic filter

Software: Pannoramic Scanner for acquisition. Case Viewer for visualization. Quant Center for analysis.

Additional Features: Z-stacking; Batch acquisition (250 Slides)



Special Rules for slides:
• Use hard mounting media only
• No nail polish (or other sealing agent), and No wet mount
• No cover slip protruding over slide edge
• No protruding labels
• Slides needs to be clean and dry: clean the back of the slide with ethanol and scrape the edges of the slide with a razor blade
• Use slide checker to make sure slide fits all parameters
• When circling sample with sharpie do so on the Cover Slip side


Instructions to download viewer software:
Case Viewer:
1. Go to:
2. Scroll to the middle of the page and click “Download CaseViewer 2.4 for Windows” 

Note: This software does not work on Mac or Lynx computers. 


Price 210

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