‘Will You Help Save My Brother?’: The Scramble to Find COVID-19 Plasma Donors

Johanna Daily, M.D., M.S., discusses the effort to screen the blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 and the potential to use their antibodies to help others who may have the disease. Dr. Daily is professor of medicine and of microbiology & immunology at Einstein and an infectious disease physician at Montefiore.

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NPR interviews Johanna Daily, M.D., about the new, modestly effective RTS,S malaria vaccine that reduced disease in children by 27-46 percent. Dr. Daily notes that while higher efficacy rates are desirable, malaria is a particularly challenging disease that researchers have struggled to prevent. She explains that each country that battles with malaria will have to choose how to spend their limited resources – on this vaccine, protective nets, community health workers or other options. Dr. Daily is associate professor of medicine and of microbiology & immunology.

NPR interviews Johanna Daily, M.D., about the disappointing results of a malaria vaccine for infants, which only lowered risk of disease by a third. Dr. Daily notes that malaria parasites are particularly adept at hiding from the immune system because they reside where the immune cells are – in the blood.

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