Faculty Development

Event DateTitleCategorySpeakers
10/28/2021Getting Started with PromotionsCareer DevelopmentChristina Coyle, M.D., M.S., Penny Grossman, Ed.D.
11/1/2021Excel II: Formulas and FunctionsCareer DevelopmentMartin N. Penn, C.P.A, M.B.A.
11/4/2021Special Session - Chagas Disease and Transplant: Closing the GapsMedical EducationCaryn Bern, M.D., MPH, Sue Montgomery, D.V.M., M.P.H., Diana Martin, Ph.D.
11/4/2021Transitions During the Career Continuum: How to Stay Professionally FulfilledCareer DevelopmentElaine Schulte, M.D., M.P.H.
11/4/2021Closed Session - Research Consortium: Opportunities to Identify and Answer Gaps in Chagas Disease and Transplantation n/a
11/9/2021Every Zip Code Tells a Story: Starting Research with PolicyMapCareer DevelopmentNancy R. Glassman, M.L.S., M.P.H.
11/11/2021Work-Life Integration: Can You Have It All?Career DevelopmentElaine Schulte, M.D., M.P.H.
11/12/2021Your CV and What it Says About YouCareer DevelopmentNadine T. Katz, M.D., Christina Coyle, M.D., M.S., Penny Grossman, Ed.D., M.P.H.
11/18/2021Using Data to Improve the Reliability & Validity of Multiple-Choice Questions & AssessmentsMedical EducationMichael Beck, Ph.D.
12/1/2021The Art of Negotiation Victor L. Schuster, M.D.
12/6/2021Excel III: Analyzing Data with Pivot TablesCareer DevelopmentMartin N. Penn, C.P.A, M.B.A.
12/10/2021Giving Effective Feedback in Medical EducationMedical EducationFelise Milan, M. D.
12/15/2021Overview of Clinical TrialsMedical EducationMimi Kim, Sc.D
1/10/2022Excel IV: Charts and GraphsCareer DevelopmentWilliam Burton, PhD.
1/13/2022EndNote Citations Made Simple: Focus on Writing, Let EndNote Do the Citing!Career DevelopmentNancy R. Glassman, M.L.S., M.P.H.
1/20/2022Working Effectively With a StatisticianCareer DevelopmentWenzhu Mowrey, Ph.D.
1/24/2022Building Your Teaching PortfolioCareer DevelopmentPenny Grossman, Ed.D.
1/27/2022EndNote: Advanced FeaturesCareer DevelopmentNancy R. Glassman, M.L.S., M.P.H.
2/3/2022Racial Humility in Teaching and Leadership: Relationship-Centered Communication in ActionMedical EducationCarol Chou, M. D.
2/7/2022Excel V: Statistical AnalysisCareer DevelopmentWilliam Burton, PhD.
2/10/2022Learning Health System ResearchCareer DevelopmentKaitlyn Philips, D.O., M.S.
2/15/2022Overcoming Scholarly ProcrastinationScholarshipDr. Marti S. Grayson, M.D.
3/1/2022Building Agency: An Innovative Approach to Developing Educators that Foster Power and Courage in OthersCareer DevelopmentKomal Bajaj, M.D., MS-HPEd, Yogangi Malhotra, M.D.
3/3/2022Observational StudiesCareer DevelopmentDean Hosgood, Ph.D.
3/30/2022Bivariate StatisticsMedical EducationRyung S. Kim, Ph.D.
4/12/2022Multivariable Statistical ModelingMedical EducationCharles B. Hall, Ph.D.
4/26/2022Small Group FacilitationMedical EducationAmanda P. Beck, D.V.M., Todd Cassese, M.D.
5/4/2022Setting Goals for Life-Long Learning: Motivation and Goal Setting Conversations with LearnersMedical EducationSandra K. Oza, M.D.
5/6/2022Tips and Strategies for Teaching on a Busy Inpatient ServiceMedical EducationRhonda G. Acholonu, M.D., Matthew D. Shaines, M.D.
5/13/2022Teaching Clinical ReasoningMedical EducationSandra K. Oza, M.D., M.A., Jing-Yu Pan, M.D., Shwetha V. Iyer, M.D.
5/25/2022Building Your Teaching PortfolioCareer DevelopmentPenny Grossman, Ed.D.
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