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Curriculum Evaluation Policies and Procedures

Einstein's online evaluation systems allow students to complete their course and clerkship evaluations more thoughtfully and away from the stress of the exam room.  This process also speeds up the data entry and data analysis procedures, and enables us to provide a timely and comprehensive picture of student opinions about the curriculum.  All evaluations contain a combination of fixed-response and open-ended questions. 

End-of-course and clerkship evaluations are mandatory for all students. Einstein considers it part of each student’s professional responsibility to provide constructive feedback on the curriculum.  Student feedback is shared routinely with course and clerkship leaders, education deans, heads of curriculum committees, and with individual faculty members in the belief that meaningful improvement in the curriculum will result. 

The data we gather and report are aggregate data. To safeguard student confidentiality, Einstein’s policy has always been to release all course and clerkship evaluation data AFTER grades have been sent to the Registrar.  This ensures that the grading of students and the evaluation of the curriculum are completely separate processes. 

If you have questions or suggestions about our web-based evaluation systems, please contact Dr. Burton at 718.430.4259, or  

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