M.D. Admissions


Admissions Quick Facts

  • Admissions Quick Facts - Class of 2024 
  • There were 8,077 applicants to the College
  • Approximately 1000 applicants were interviewed
  • The average age is 23.5
  • 32% have a non-science major
  • 28 students were born outside the United States
  • 75 colleges are represented
  • Can I take statistics or computer science instead of calculus to fulfill the math competency?
  • Does Einstein have a preference for New Yorkers?
    No. We are interested in students from throughout the U.S. and abroad who will enrich the diversity of our student body.
  • Do you accept transfer students? 
    No, sorry.
  • How long will it take until I hear anything after my interview?
    Letters of disposition are mailed beginning February 1 and, after then, usually about 2 weeks after interview.
  • I am an international student, will you accept my application?
    No; we're very sorry but we hope it is a temporary moratorium, until we fully transition to giving our own degree, and have the permission of the U.S. government to sponsor student visas. 
  • When is Orientation?
    Usually sometime around August 10-14.
  • I graduated from a foreign university. What must I do to prepare for Einstein?
    You must complete at least one year of science course work in the United States ( ~30 credits), show proficiency in English, and take the MCATs.
  • What time should I be there for the luncheon if my interview is in the afternoon?
    You must arrive by 11:30. 
  • Is there a gym on campus?
    Yes, the Falk Recreation Center is only steps away from the entrance to student housing.
  • Can I use the gym when I come for an interview?
    Yes, if you let us know in advance.
  • What does the gym have?
    The facilities of the Falk Recreation Center include a swimming pool, a whirlpool, a sauna, a steam room, two weight rooms, courts for squash, racquetball and basketball, and an indoor track.
  • Can I be housed overnight with an Einstein student?
    Yes, depending on student availability.
  • What hospital affiliations does Einstein have?
    Einstein's major affiliates are Montefiore Medical Center and its Weiler Hospital, Jacobi Medical Center, St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx; and North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health Center, on Long Island. There also are many clinics, nursing homes and specialty clinics that our students rotate through.
  • How do Einstein students get from housing to the various clinical sites?
    Shuttle buses provide transportation to each of our clinical sites.
  • Does Einstein have an international study program? 
    Yes, our students can design a two-month clinical or research project in their fourth year and go anywhere in the world that's safe, and Einstein will provide them with a travel award
  • What's the neighborhood like?
    It's safe and surrounded by attractive middle-class homes and apartment buildings, as well as close to a variety of restaurants and shops.
  • How long will it take me to get to midtown Manhattan?
    The trip takes 30 minutes by the express bus that stops in front of the housing complex.
  • Are there places to run and bike?
    Yes, Pelham Parkway, two blocks away, offers a path for both. The path leads to Pelham Bay Park, the largest park in all of New York City.
  • I like to sail. Is there any place in the Bronx where I can do that?
    Yes, City Island, on the Long Island Sound, is only about two miles away.
  • Are there any good restaurants in the neighborhood?
    Yes, there are many terrific restaurants, especially Italian.
  • What else can I do for fun?
     Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo (the Wildlife Conservation Society Zoo) and the Botanical Gardens all are nearby, and other attractions including Wave Hill, Rye Playland and Shea Stadium are within close proximity.
  • How far away is the nearest supermarket?
    The nearest supermarket is within four blocks, as are a variety of delis, bakeries, dry cleaners, hardware stores, banks and gift shops.
  • Can I use the library at Fordham University?
  • If I apply to the (MSTP) M.D./Ph.D. Program and am rejected, will I still be considered for entrance to the M.D. Program?
  • If I'm accepted to the MSTP but decide before orientation that I only want the M.D., is it a requirement that I go through another evaluation – this time by the Medical School Admissions Committee?
  • I am married with children? What percentage of students have families?
  • Can my significant other live with me?
    Yes, but there is documentation that needs to be presented to the housing office.
  • Is there child care?
    No, but it is available in the immediate neighborhood.
  • Am I guaranteed housing?
    Every effort is made to accommodate all students. Most likely you'll be sharing with others.
  • What's the average rent?
    $700 per month.
  • Is there 24-hour security in housing?
  • Is there a garage where students can park?
    Yes. It's underground and accessible to the three- tower apartment buildings. Monthly parking costs $85. Applicants also may park there for a fee of $6 for eight hours, or $10 for ten hours.
  • How many students have cars?
  • How diverse is the student body?
    Our student body is very diverse. Many students self-describe as underrepresented in medicine, and more than half of students are women. Some students are older and non-traditional, and about one-quarter were born outside the U.S.
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