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We are aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on scheduled MCAT test dates, and Einstein wants to support your efforts and allay your anxieties as much as possible.    

Applicants to Albert Einstein College of Medicine for the class that will enter in August 2021 are required to take the MCAT examination no later than January 2021. However, applicants should not delay applying for, nor registering for the MCAT as soon as possible.  January 2021 test dates will be accepted as an accommodation to those who simply cannot get an earlier test date because of COVID-19 test cancellations; this accommodation is being made to first-time test takers only.  Regular M.D. applicants should be aware that the later the application is completed, the lower the chance to be interviewed and accepted.  MSTP applicants will be considered and interviewed without MCAT scores but scores must be received prior to final decision.  Accordingly, if MCAT testing resumes prior to October, we encourage you to take the MCAT as soon as possible thereafter. We will begin rolling admissions for Regular M.D. applicants on February 1.  Regular M.D. interviews will be conducted beginning September 2020 and will continue into the spring of 2021 as needed. MSTP interviews begin in September 2020 and conclude at the beginning of January 2021.    

All applicants, whether Regular M.D. or MSTP, should keep in mind that all other documentation must be received no later than December 1. For the class entering in 2021, MCATs taken in 2017 or after are the only MCATs that are acceptable. Regular M.D. applicants will receive a preliminary review of their application only after receipt of MCAT scores.    

Applicants applying for “early decision” must take the MCATs no later than July 18 in order to have their application complete by August 15.  This date will be revised, if necessary, in accordance with the MCAT test schedule. 


“We (AMCAS/MCAT) know how disruptive the (COVID-19 Pandemic) circumstances are for students, and we are committed to preserving the 2021 application cycle by ensuring everyone who wants to test in 2020 can do so. To immediately help affected examinees, we are offering flexible rescheduling options and have waived all rescheduling fees for all 2020 MCAT exam dates until further notice.” 

For questions, please contact: MCAT Program Office, P.O. Box 4056, Iowa City, IA 52243.  For questions about computer/CBT registration and test administration contact: The MCAT Care Team, AAMC, Section for Applicant Assessment Services, 2450 N Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20037.   

Further information about COVID-19 test scheduling can be found at:  https://students-residents.aamc.org/applying-medical-school/article/coronavirus-mcat-faqs/ 





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