Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Alumni Spotlight

Name Year Current Position
 Avish Arora* 05-16 Completing clinical training phase of MSTP program
 IJ Frame* 05-16 Resident, Pathology, Univ. of Texas-Southwestern
 Roman Deniskin* 05-16 Resident, Pediatrics Scientist Development Program, Baylor College of Medicine-Texas Children's Hosp.
 Michelle Yu* 05-09 Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care, UCSF
 Mariam Kabir* 05-09 Hospitalist, Internal Medicine, Chester County Hospital, PA
 Dipanwita Batabyal 05-09 Post doc, University of Texas, Austin
 Pia Guinto 05-09 ‎Medical Director at IMPRINT Publication Science, NY
 Eric Hayden 04-09 Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
 Dongyan Tan 04-09 Post doc, Harvard University
 J.R. (Keng) Pineda* 04-09 Fellow, Cardiology, Univ. of Arizona
 Sara Quaytman 04-09 Faculty member, Chemistry Department, Bard High School / Early College
 Ben Samelson-Jones* 04-07 Fellow, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Children's Hosp. of Philadelphia
 Vito Mennella 03-07 Asst. Prof. of Biochemistry, Univ. of Toronto
 David Liebelt* 03-06 Physician, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Center - Elkhart, IN
 Paul Riegelhaupt* 03-08 Instructor in Anesthesiology, Weill-Cornell Medicine
 John Wilson* 03-08 Fellow, Geropsychiatry, Oregon Health Sciences Univ. and Portland VA Med. Ctr.
 Jorge Durand 03-08 Assistant Science Director at Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
 Ronald Rice* 02-08 Fellow, Hematopathology, Montefiore Medical Center
 Todd Haim 02-07 ‎SBIR Program Director at National Cancer Institute
 Jodi Basner 02-05 Scientific Analyst at Custom Analytics and Engineered Solutions, a Thomson Reuters Business
 Eliah Aronoff-Spencer* 02-04 Asst. Prof. of Medicine-Infectious Disease and Global Health, UC-San Diego
 Joshua Mincer* 02-04 Asst. Prof. of Anesthesiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
 David Li* 01-05 Asst. Prof. of Interventional Radiology, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Med. Ctr.
 Hong Ji 00-05 Post doc, Yale University
 Amal Kanti Bera 00-04 Prof. of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
 Feng Guo 00-09 Post doc, AECOM
 Shi Zhong 99-05 Post doc, NYU School of Medicine
 Michael Gordon* 99-03 Interventional Radiology, Private Practice, North Broward Radiologists, PA
 Tom Newman 99-00 Patent Attorney
 Briar Ertz-Berger 98-00 Attending ED, Kaiser Sunnyside Med. Ctr. and Providence Portland Med. Ctr., OR
 Jose Perez* 97-03 Ophthalmology, Private Practice
 Imran Khan 97-02 Attending Medical School
 Rakesh Karmacharya* 97-00 Asst. Prof. of Psychiatry, MGH, Harvard Medical School, Physician-Scientist Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT, Asst. Psychiatrist & Res. Fellow McLean Hosp.
 Shilla Nassi 96-02 Director of Research & Education, Private Mental Health Clinic, Los Angeles, CA
 Lisa Senzel* 96-01 Asst. Prof. of Clinical Pathology; Chief, Hematology Laboratories, SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine
 Skye Donovan 96-01 Asst. Prof. of Physical Therapy, Chapman University
 Ben Braunheim 96-99 Staff Scientist, Optimal Decisions corp (part of Elsevier)
 Jeffrey Horenstein 94-01 Science teacher, Stuyvesant High School, NY
 Daniel B. Williams 94-01 Assoc. Prof. of Biology, Winston-Salem State Univ, NC
 Paul Huynh* 93-99 Ophthalmologist, Scripps Memorial Hosp., La Jolla, CA
 Joseph Veniero* 92-95 Staff Member, Section of Abdominal Imaging, Cleveland Clinic, OH

* M.D.-Ph.D.

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