Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Research Facilities

Keck Biomolecular Laser Research Center (BLRC)

The BLRC is composed of three interrelated laser oriented facilities. The laser spectroscopy facility (LSF) contains an extensive array of state-­of­-the-­art laser spectroscopic tools devoted to studying structure, function and dynamics in isolated biomolecules. The laser imaging and microscopy facility (LIMF) focuses on interfacing laser spectroscopy with microscopy to study complex systems at the molecular level. The third facility, devoted to laser based diagnostic tools for clinical applications, is still in the development stage.

Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Facility

The EPR facility consists of a number of state-­of-­the-­art spectrometers that have been constructed at Einstein. Both theoretical work and experiments are being carried out to define the structure of metal binding sites in metalloproteins and to determine the orientation and distance of substrates to metal centers at active sites of metalloenzymes.

Shared Instrumentation

FTIR Spectrometer; CD Spectrometer; ITC Calorimetry; Fluorimeters; Stopped-Flow Systems; Incubators; Anaerobic 4℃ Chamber; - °80 C Freezers; Centrifuges.

OtherShared Facilities and Cores in Einstein

In addition to the facilities and centers associated with the department, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine supports a broad array of Shared Scientific Facilities and Cores to provide researchers with access to a wide array of techniques and services.

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