Department of Pathology

Post Doctoral Fellowship Program

Program Director

Joan W. Berman
Phone: 718.430.3194
Fax: 718.430.8541

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Department of Pathology
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461


Postdoctoral Research Fellows are actively involved in research in the Pathology department. Our post-doctoral candidates are highly educated, well-trained individuals who have studied at major research institutions worldwide. This broad spectrum of highly trained fellows provides an intellectually stimulating atmosphere ripe for collaborations and exchange of ideas. Their insight and knowledge provides dynamic discussions at our Works in Progress meetings, which are held every Friday during the academic year.
The Belfer Institute for Advanced Biomedical Studies is responsible for the oversight of the many aspects of the postdoctoral experience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.


Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Ilseyar Akhmetzyanova

Research Fellow (Fooksman Lab)

Oscar Akide Ndunge

Research Fellow (Desruisseaux Lab)

Victor Chatterjee, PhD

Research Fellow (Santambrogio Lab)

Mark McCarron, PhD

Research Fellow (Fooksman Lab)
Graduate Institution: University College Dublin (Ireland); Trinity College Dublin (Ireland); National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Lyon, France)
Research: Murine T follicular helper cell regulation and their impact on B cell antibody production.

Tatsuki Sugi, PhD

Research Fellow (Weiss Lab)

Tadakimi Tomita

Research Fellow (Weiss Lab)
Graduate University: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Research: Identification and characterization of toxomplasma gondii cyst wall protein.

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows

Yulong Zhou, PhD

Visiting Scientist (Hazan Lab)

Research Trainees

Bing Han

Research Trainee (Weiss Lab)

Liling Huang

Research Technician (Santambrogio Lab)

Research Technicians

Nicole Kawachi

Research Technician (Prystowsky Lab)

Lillie Lopez

Research Technician (Berman Lab)

Bindiben (Bindi) Patel

Research Technician (Santambrogio/Cuervo Lab)

Carlos Thomas

Research Technician (Ow Lab)


Former Research Fellows

Yair Botbol, PhD

Research Fellow (Macian Lab)
Graduate Institution: University of Paris VI, Paris, France
Research: I am presently characterizing macroautophagy in CD4+ T helper cells. The goal of my research is to understand how macroautophagy is regulated in T helper cells, characterize the function of this form of autophagy during an immune response and identify the mechanisms that modulate cargo selectivity of this process in T cells.

Loreto Carvallo Torres, PhD

Research Fellow (Berman Lab)

Yuri Chaves Martins, PhD

Research Fellow (Dessruisseaux Lab)

Sonia Elhadad, PhD

Research Fellow (Fooksman Lab)

Ross Gruber, PhD

Research Fellow (Zagarbo Lab)
Graduate Institution: SUNY Upstate Medical University
I am investigating mechanisms of oligodendrocyte and neuronal survival in order to aid remyelination of the CNS after insult.

Enric Mocholli-Gimeno, PhD

Research Fellow (Macian Lab) 
PhD Universidad Cardenal Herrera – CEU, Spain 
Research: My current work involves investigating the characterization of the mechanisms that regulate cancer-induced tolerance, developing a line of research aimed at understanding how cancer cells can inhibit T cell responses and evaluating the contribution of tumor-induced tolerance on the local growth of a tumor and in its ability to form distal metastases.

Mohammed Rahman, PhD

Research Fellow (Ostrer Lab) 

Jiahong Yao, MD

Research Fellow (Hazan Lab)
Graduate Institution: School of Medicine, China Three Gorges University, China
Medical Institution: School of Public Health, Tongji Medical University, China
Research: Generation of mouse models expressing mutations of the N-cadherin and R-cadherin genes and determining their effect on mammary tumor progression and metastasis.

Xia Qian, MD, PhD

Research Fellow (Hazan Lab) 
Graduate University: Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu, China
Research: My work involves studying the relationship between cell-cell adhesion, cell cycle, and metastasis in breast cancer.

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