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Dr. Daniel T. Stein, M.D.

Daniel T. Stein, M.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Chair of the Institutional Review Board

Selected Publications

  1. Narinder Sandhu, Zijian Chen, Vlad Tomuta, Roman Hovorka, Harsha Jayatillake, Bing Na Zheng, Greg Cruikshank, Eduard Rogatsky, and Daniel T. Stein. Differential Effect of GLP-1 and Hyperglycemia on Insulin Biosynthesis in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Subjects.
  2. Daniel T. Stein, Eduard Rogatsky, Roman Hovorka, Vlad Tomuta, Zijian Chen, Harsha Jayatillake, Simon Schlanger, Sandeep Sharma, Bing Na Zhang, Greg Cruikshank. Insulin Biosynthesis in vivo: Response to Hyperglycemia and Glucagon Like Peptide 1. J. Clin Invest.
  3. Daniel T. Stein, Eduard Rogatsky, Vlad Tomuta, Jia Duo, Roman Hovorka, Harsha Jayatillake, Simon Schlanger, Sandeep Sharma, Bing Na Zheng, Greg Cruikshank. Measurement of Insulin Biosynthesis in vivo using Mass Isotopomer Distribution Analysis.
  4. Eduard Rogatsky, Shaynah Browne, Bing Na Zheng and Daniel T. Stein. Application of Fused-Core Particle Column in Two Dimensional Reversed Phase -Reversed Phase LC/MS Analysis of Biological Samples. Impact of extra-column volume. J Chrom & Sep Tech
  5. Alexander V Stoyanov, Shawn Connolly, Curt L Rohlfing, Eduard Rogatsky, Daniel Stein and Randie R Little.  Human C-peptide Quantitation by LC-MS Isotope-Dilution Assay in Serum or Urine Samples. J Chromat Separation Techniq 2013, 4:3
  6. Rogatsky E, Gallito M, Stein DT. A novel performance test for outlet check valve in HPLC pumps. Amer Biotech Lab 2010; 32:30-31
  7. Rogatsky E, Zheng Z, Stein DT. Absolute Measurement of internal volume changes inside the pulse damper; Discrepancy between DELAY and DWELL volumes. J Sep Sci. 2010;33:1-5
  8. Bouche C, Lopez X, Fleischman A, Cypess A, O'Shea S, Stefanovski D, Bergman R, Rogatsky E, Stein D, Kahn C, Kulkarni R, Goldfine A. Insulin Enhances Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion in Healthy Humans PNAS 2010; 107;4770-75
  9. Little RR, Rohlfing CL, Tennill AL, Madsen RW, Polonsky KS, Greenbaum CJ, Myers GL, Palmer JP, Rogatsky R, and Stein DT. Standardization of C-peptide Measurements. Clin Chem 2008 Jun;54(6):1023-6
  10. Hwang, J-H, Stein, DT, Barzilai, B, Cui, M-H, Kishore, P, Hawkins, M. Increased Intrahepatic triglyceride is associated with peripheral insulin resistance: in vivo MR imaging and spectroscopy studies. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab.293: 1663-1669, 2007
  11. Cui, M-H., Hwang, J-H. and Stein, D.T. Cross contamination of intramyocellular lipid signals through loss of bulk magnetic susceptibility effects differences in human muscle using 1H-MRSI at 4 T. J. Applied. Physiol 2007, 103:1290-1298
  12. Hovorka R, Eduard Rogatsky, Vlad Tomuta, Harsha Jayatillake Greg Cruikshank, and Stein D.T.  Calculating glucose fluxes during meal tolerance test: A new computational approach.  Am. J. Physiol 2007, 293(2):E610-9
  13. Rogatsky E, Tomuta V, and Stein D.T. LC/MS Quantitative Study of Glucose by Iodine Attachment. Analytica Chimica Acta. 2007 591:155-160
  14. Rogatsky E, Balent, B, Goswami G, Tomuta V,  Jayatillake H, Cruikshank G, Vele L, and Stein DT. Sensitive quantitative analysis of C-peptide from human plasma by 2-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Isotope Dilution Assay. Clin Chem 2006: 52:872-9
  15. Rogatsky, E. and Stein, D.T. Direct sensitive quantitative LC/MS analysis of C-peptide from human urine by two dimensional reverse phase/reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatography. J. Sep. Sci 2006; 29 529-37
  16. Rogatsky, E., Jayatillake, H., Goswami, G., Tomuta, V., and Stein, D.T. A Sensitive LC/MS quantitative analysis of carbohydrates by Cs+ attachment. J. Am Mass Spect 2005; 16:1805-11
  17. Hawkins M, Tonelli J, Kishore P, Stein D, Ragucci E, Gitig A, Reddy K. Contribution of elevated free fatty acid levels to the lack of glucose effectiveness in type 2 diabetes.  Diabetes. 2003 Nov;52(11):2748-58
  18. Balent B, Goodloe G, Rogatsky E, Rauta O, Nazami R, Mints L, Hogue-Angeletti R, and Stein DT. Acute Elevations of FFA Causes Hyperinsulinemia without Effect on Insulin Secretion Rate in Healthy Human Subjects Ann NY Acad Sci (2002) 967:535-43
  19. Dobbins RL, Chester M, McGarry JD, and Stein DT. Circulating fatty acids are essential for efficient glucose stimulated insulin secretion after prolonged fasting in humans. (1998) Diabetes 47:1613-18
  20. Stein DT, Esser V, Stevenson BE, Lane KE, Whiteside JH, Daniels MB, Chen S and McGarry JD (1996). Essentiality of circulating fatty acids for glucose stimulated insulin secretion in the fasted rat. J. Clin. Invest. 97:2728-35.

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