Primary Care & Social Internal Medicine Residency


"Monte is a place that will change anyone for the better."

Ross MacDonald, MD, Program Graduate
Medical Director, Correctional Health Services, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

The Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine Program is a fusion of general internal medicine and social internal medicine, with one curriculum, ambulatory site, leadership, and faculty. The program is highly respected and well integrated with Montefiore's categorical Internal Medicine program.

From 1979 to 2011 there were two tracks within the program. Social Internal Medicine, with its roots in South Bronx health centers since 1970, fit within the larger Residency Program in Social Medicine (RPSM) at Montefiore, which includes separate training programs in Social Pediatrics and Family Medicine. RPSM is a unique, cross-disciplinary model of residency training with a focus on generalism and community-oriented primary care. The Primary Care Medicine Program had its origins in the traditions of General Internal Medicine with a goal to train outstanding generalist physicians. Like the Social Medicine Program, the Primary Care Medicine Program was also dedicated to training physicians to care for underserved populations and has been recognized for its teaching innovations in ambulatory education, clinical epidemiology and global health.

"While our residents and faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we are all committed to excellence in clinical medicine and to promoting social change, a combination unique to Montefiore."

-Victoria (Tori) Mayer, MD, Program Graduate
Fellow in Health Policy Research, University of Pennsylvania

In 2011, the Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine Program was fully combined, sharing one curriculum, ambulatory site, leadership, and faculty. Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine residents collaborate on projects and maintain a personal and professional camaraderie that defines the program. PC/SIM is also highly respected and well integrated with the categorical Internal Medicine program at Montefiore. While on inpatient rotations, residents in PC/SIM work side-by-side with their categorical colleagues.

Our program goal is to provide an innovative, patient-based and learner-centered primary care training program to our trainees in order to prepare them to deliver outstanding care to marginalized and underserved populations. 

Our primary care internal medicine residency provides comprehensive clinical and curricular experiences in inpatient and ambulatory medicine, behavioral medicine, clinical epidemiology, clinical reasoning, community-oriented primary care, global health and human rights. Side by side with faculty, our residents provide care to an indigent urban and immigrant community in the South Bronx. And, with mentorship and role modeling from a faculty dedicated to the program’s mission, our residents participate in community- and health-center-based advocacy, service, and research projects that aim to improve the health of our patients.

"The best parts of the PC/SIM residency program are the residents, faculty and staff; the patient population I worked with and the social medicine training."

—Nathaniel Kratz, 2019 Graduate Clinician Educator,
New York Presbyterian/ Columbia University

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The Residency Program in Social Medicine of Montefiore Medical Center: 37 Years of Mission-Driven, Interdisciplinary Training in Primary Care, Population Health, and Social Medicine 

Working for social justice at Montefiore and Einstein  

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