Division of Geriatrics


Resnick Gerontology Center
The Albert Einstein Jack and Pearl Resnick Gerontology Center advances aging research, interdepartmental collaboration, and education and training for improved care of older adults.

Cognitive & Motor Aging Research
The integrated Divisions of Geriatrics and Cognitive & Motor Aging conduct innovative research toward building a better quality of life for older people.


In Einstein Magazine



The Physician Investigators: Dr.  Joe Verghese 

Einstein’s Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) marks 20 years of giving doctors the right skills for study success. Dr. Joe Verghese, M.B.B.S., M.S ., Class of 2001, discusses the impact of the CRTP program on his career as a physician-scientist. In Einstein Magazine (Winter 2020)


Lab Chat with Dr. Helena Blumen 

Helena M. Blumen, Ph.D., is a cognitive neuroscientist who studies the brain networks we use to walk, reason, make decisions, and form memories.


In the Spotlight

  Study on Genetics of Frailty Aims to Keep Seniors Sprightly
Drs. Joe Verghese and Nir Barzilai have teamed up with Drs. Gil Atzmon and Roee Holtzer to identify interventions to keep us strong and agile into old age.

 on beyond 100 Longevity 
Dr. Joe Verghese's research was featured in a National Geographic cover story on the potential genetic roots of longevity.

  Bogaisky's Readmission Study Receives AAMC Honorable Mention
Research conducted by Dr. Michael Bogaisky initiated a unique collaboration to identify and resolve the issues leading to high hospital readmission among the skilled nursing facility patient population.


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