Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes

Resident Electives

Endocrinology and Metabolism elective courses are available for Internal Medicine residents. Trainees participate in all of the activities of the training program, working closely with first-year endocrinology fellows on East or West Campus rotations.

Depending on space, the Division also accepts Internal Medicine trainees from other Internal Medicine training programs (limited to 3 or 4 per month). Similarly, international medical school graduates without Internal Medicine training in the U.S. are occasionally accepted as observers.

More information: Program Supervisor, (718) 920-2017

Elective Schedule

The following schedule is for the Montefiore residents enrolled in the endocrinology elective. Attendance at the west campus clinics and conferences is mandatory. You should be available for inpatient consults at Montefiore and NCB during the scheduled times.


8am-9am: Diabetes Clinical Conference at CFCC

9am-12pm: General Endocrinology Clinic at CFCC

1pm-3:30pm: Inpatients Consults **

4pm-5pm: Endocrine Fellows Conference (See schedule for exact dates/locations of conferences. Held September-May only.)


9am-12pm: Inpatient Consults

1pm-5pm: Jacobi Endocrinology Clinic in Building 5, 3rd Fl./A-wing


9am-5pm: Inpatient Consults, independent study, conference preparation


8:15am-9am: Diabetes Journal Club at Montefiore at FCC, (Family Care Center) 4th floor, 460 (Residents are expected to present one diabetes journal club and one endocrinology case during the rotation.)

9am-12pm: Diabetes Clinic at Montefiore at FCC, 460

1pm-5pm: Inpatient Consults


8am-9am: Endocrine Conference* at Price Center, Room 351

9am-10am: Diabetes Grand Rounds at Price Center, Room 351

(Held September- May only)

10am-1pm: Inpatient Consults**

1pm-4pm: Endocrine Clinic at Montefiore at FCC, 460

4pm-5pm: Endocrine Conference at Montefiore at FCC, 460

** Time blocked for inpatient consults will include attending rounds, independent reading and preparation for conferences. Patients seen in consultation should be followed until resolution of their primary endocrine issues.

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