Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes

History and Milestones

The Einstein Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, formed in 1972 under the direction of the late Dr. Ora Rosen, has been subsequently directed by Dr. Norman Fleischer since 1975. Montefiore Medical Center maintained a separate Division of Endocrinology, directed for a number of years by Dr. Martin Surks. In 1997, the Endocrine Fellowship Program, active at both Montefiore and Einstein, was unified with Dr. Surks as the Director. In 2000, under the chairmanship of John Hardin, the divisions were combined, and Norman Fleischer was named chief of the unified division.

Division Milestones 

The Einstein-Montefiore Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism boasts a rich history of research accomplishments and awards, including 6 recipients of the American Diabetes Association Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment Award (Lilly Award) and Banting Award, cloning of the insulin receptor, and development of a series of murine beta cell lines with regulatable growth and insulin production and secretion.

Thyroid Research

Another research area has focused on thyroid physiology and disease. Research results from four epochs dating from 1920 to the present have benefited the thyroid health of millions of people. Dr. Martin I. Surks has recently summarized the major contributions

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