Einstein/Montefiore Division of Critical Care Medicine

Quality Improvement


With patient safety as its centerpiece, the Einstein/Montefiore Division of Critical Care Medicine has a team of expert first responders with strong professional norms who offer quality care 24/7 throughout the hospital. Our purpose is to decrease variation in medical practice and the rates of avoidable complications such as "never events" and failure to resuscitate by improving our infrastructure, processes, and outcomes. Additionally, we strive to align our goals with those of the Einstein/Montefiore Strategic Plan, decreasing system fragmentation and changing cultural norms to assure organizational coherence. 

Target Improvement Areas  

  • Central Line-Associated Infections (CLABs) (PDF)
  • Surgical Site Infections
  • Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Rates (PDF)
  • Ventilator Compliance: Ventilator Bundle Checklist (PDF)



  • Cardiac Arrest Teams: timely expert assistance in crisis situations such as rapid response and cardiac arrests
  • Central Line Service (ultrasound guided)
  • Chronic Critically Ill Patient Follow-Up 
  • ICU Without Walls  
  • Medical Directive Designees: surrogacy for patients who cannot give consent and are without next of kin or healthcare proxy to make medical decisions
  • Rapid Response Teams 


Critical Care Medicine uses the Dartmouth Atlas of Healthcare-defined efficiency and effectiveness measures.

  • Length of stay
  • Mortality


The Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training Program integrates nationally and internally recognized evaluation measures:


Montefiore’s Critical and Acute Illness Recovery Engagement (CAIRE)


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Moses Campus
Montefiore Medical Center
Ground Floor, Gold Zone
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467

Phone : 718-904-3015
Fax : 718-863-5763

Einstein Campus
Jack D. Weiler Hospital
1825 Eastchester Road
Bronx, NY 10461

Phone: 718-904-3015
Fax: 718-863-5763

Division Administration 

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