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Current Projects

Current Projects


ASHA (“Action to improve Self Help and empowerment through Asset Building”) is a community participatory research project designed to address mental and physical health, and enhance emotional well being among Bangladeshi women in the Bronx. ASHA’s goal is to empower women by providing education, support, and assistance in building financial assets.

Project HEAL

Health Education Action for Lifestyle change (HEAL) is a primary care based intervention designed to address health prevention among women in immigrant communities in New York City. HEAL addresses health prevention in two core areas: cancer and obesity, among Latino and South Asian primary care patients.  Community Health Workers (CHW) recruited from SAPPHIRE practice sites will be given extensive training. CHWs will then recruit other patients from SAPPHIRE practices to form participatory action groups. These groups will explore women’s health and health risks, assess their own health risks, establish common health prevention goals, and design and implement strategies for health prevention. After implementing interventions among themselves, action groups will engage in community outreach. They will design outreach activities and implement them in NYC-Ring and SAPPHIRE primary care network sites. The proposed pilot project if successful will serve as a model for a larger intervention to be implemented in NYC-RING and SAPPHIRE practices.

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