Department of Biochemistry

Graduate Study

Many graduate courses are led by members of the Biochemistry Department.

Students enrolled in the Sue Golding Graduate Division who have elected to study with mentors in the department receive training in the fundamental principles of the chemical and physical properties of biological molecules. The interaction of molecules constitutes the biochemical metabolic pathways and defines the regulation of cell function and the basis of cell structure. These principles are the basis of all biomedical science.

Ph.D. training in Biochemistry consists of three phases. The first is coursework which introduces students to key biochemical principles and the scientific literature. The second is laboratory research which leads to the student's ability to conduct independent research with mentoring from a faculty member. The third component of the program is presentation of a formal research proposal and the writing and defense of a thesis for the doctoral degree.

A detailed description of the departmental graduate training policies and procedures can be found in our Research Interests of the Faculty and Ph.D. Program Policies, Guidelines and Procedures.

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