Research Toward HIV Cure

Curing HIV infection is a high priority of the NIH for HIV research. Unfortunately, providing HIV-infected individuals with sustained ART-free viral remission (or functional cure) and/or viral eradication (sterilizing, or classic, cure) is prevented by the capacity of HIV to persist in anatomic sanctuary sites that protect the virus from immune response and ART, even when the virus is undetectable in the circulation. ERC-CFAR investigators are investigating the mechanisms of viral latency and persistence, the development of animal and other surrogate models which predict viral remission or reactivation/rebound of latent virus, and innovative, evidence-based preclinical, translational, and clinical studies of cure interventions. Listed below are NIH-funded studies by ERC-CFAR Investigators researching strategies to cure HIV infection.

Investigator Institution NIH Grant Title
Harris Goldstein / Steve Almo (MPI) Einstein R01 AI145024 Novel Biologics Designed to Mobilize HIV-Specific CTL for Sustained HIV Remission
Harris Goldstein Einstein UM1 AI26617 BELIEVE: Bench to Bed Enhanced Lymphoctye Infusions to Engineer Viral Eradication (Douglas Nixon, PI, Weill-Cornell)
Vinayaka Prasad / Ganjam Kalpana (MPI) Einstein R01 DA043169 Effect of Drugs of Abuse on CNS HIV-1 Reservoirs and Neuropathogenesis
Betsy Herold Einstein R01 AI134367 Mechanisms Underlying the HIV-HSV-2 Syndemic
Marina Caskey Rockefeller University U01 AI129825 3BNC117 and 10-1074 to Suppress HIV-1 Replication and Reduce the Reservoir
Jeffery Ravetch Rockefeller University R01 AI129795 Optimization of Fc Effector Activity of Anti-HIV Antibodies to Target HIV Reservoir