Developmental Core

The overarching goal of the Einstein/Rockefeller/CUNY CFAR (ERC-CFAR) Developmental Core is to support the career development of early stage investigators (ESIs) at Einstein, Rockefeller and CUNY through an effective mentoring process. The Core Directors, Drs. Vinayaka Prasad (Einstein), Chinazo Cunningham (Einstein), Theodora Hatziioannou (Rockefeller) and Christian Grov (CUNY) combine their broad and diverse research expertise to provide individual ESIs with customized programs to support their scientific growth and support through a peer-reviewed Catalytic pilot grants program. In addition, the ERC-CFAR Developmental core catalyzes trans-institutional collaborative HIV/AIDS research in the ERC-CFAR, recruits established investigators into HIV/AIDS research, supports Scientific Working Group (SWG) efforts to stimulate research in their topic areas, facilitates scientific communication among ERC-CFAR investigators and supports international HIV/AIDS research. Specifically, the Core:

  • Provides individually tailored mentoring to ESIs and facilitates their development into independently funded researchers by pairing ESIs with established investigators (EIs), by providing both individual and group-level mentoring to help them develop NIH K- or R- type grants and by assisting senior level ESIs to transition to R01 funding.
  • Supports ESIs engaged in HIV/AIDS research in the ERC-CFAR via catalytic and micro grants, which will also be used to promote trans-institutional collaborations and to support priorities of the HIV/Cancer or HIV and Mental Health SWGs.
  • Stimulates intra- and trans-institutional, collaborative HIV/AIDS research at the participating institutions by awarding joint catalytic grants and proactively recruits EIs not yet engaged in HIV/AIDS research into expanding their investigative programs into HIV/AIDS research studies.
  • Facilitates scientific communication among ERC-CFAR investigators by organizing a Zoom-based bi-weekly Trans-institutional ERC-CFAR research seminar series and a biweekly Clinical AIDS Grand Rounds series accessible to all three institutions, ERC-CFAR Invited Speaker Seminars, and ERC-CFAR Scientific Symposia to foster scientific interactions.
  • Promotes AIDS Research in the ERC-CFAR via integration with other Einstein programs such as WIHS, the HIV/AIDS T32 program (P.I: V. Prasad) and the African HIV/AIDS research programs.
  • Facilitates and mentors ESIs in conducting community participatory and behavioral AIDS research via collaboration with the Behavioral Science Core.
  • For further information or to access the Developmental Core services, please contact Drs. Prasad, Cunningham, Hatziioannou or Grov.

ERC-CFAR awarded catalytic and micro grants are listed here, CFAR Supplemental grants are listed here and 2020 publications that are due to these grants and Core mentoring are listed here.