Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center

Specialized Services

Working across disciplines, our staff coordinates care through a variety of programs:

Our Self-Advocacy Groups reflect RFK CERC’s commitment to the self-determination and rights of individuals with developmental disabilities. Members of the Self-Advocacy Groups empower each other to advocate for themselves with elected officials and community leaders.

RFK CERC also offers Parent Groups to support parents of children with disabilities and to increase capacity and self-advocacy skills. They provide parents with a network of social and emotional support from others who understand the demands of raising children with disabilities. Reflecting the needs of our community, RFK CERC offers a Spanish-speaking parent group.

Psychoeducational Services foster language, communication, and play skills, enhance attention span, and improve self-esteem. Group sessions for school-age children and adolescents instruct and facilitate appropriate social interactions.

Autism Recreational and Socialization Services provides direct recreational/socialization and educational enrichment services for children with ASDs in the Bronx. These services complement regular school programming.

The Rehabilitation, Evaluation, and Learning for Autistic Infants and Toddlers at Einstein (RELATE) provides diagnostic evaluation and multidisciplinary treatment services to very young children with ASDs.

The Medication Clinic provides an initial assessment of children with emotional and behavioral disorders who might benefit from psychopharmacological treatment.

The Nutrition Clinic treats children with disabilities who are overweight, underweight or who have nutrition-related health problems. Nutrition counseling is also offered to improve the diets of children with eating difficulty or eating-related behavior problems.

The Ophthalmology Clinic provides eye examinations to diagnose and treat visual conditions as well as to help confirm the presence of some syndromes in individuals with intellectual and other disabilities. The exams are tailored to the age, developmental stage, verbal ability and level of cooperation of each patient. One of the unique aspects of this ophthalmology clinic is its collaboration with the dentistry center. Occasionally, despite the use of comforting techniques, a patient is unable to cooperate with a full exam in the eye clinic; in these cases, the option of scheduling eye and dental appointments for the same morning is offered. On such a visit, a patient's eyes are examined while his or her movements are being restricted for outpatient dental care. 

Group Attachment Based Intervention (GABI) is a trauma-informed, therapeutic playgroup and support group for infants, toddlers, and their parents. Created by Dr. Anne Murphy, GABI serves high-risk families who have experienced significant trauma, housing instability, mental illness, domestic violence, and other challenges. GABI helps parents manage stress, increases their social support network, and improves parent-child relationships. By Fall 2017, there will be seven new GABI sites in all five boroughs of New York City, serving up to 680 families per year.

RFK CERC houses a chapter of the Imagination Project, which fosters creativity, problem solving, and entrepreneurship, specifically dedicated to children with special needs. RFK CERC Imagines was founded by our team of speech pathologists looking to create a barrier-free adventure for children with developmental disabilities. 

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