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Engage & Educate: Equipping the New York State Disability Community with Science-Based Information About Vaccines

The VaxFactsDDNY project provides updated information on the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines from trusted sources, to help New York's Developmental Disabilities community make informed decisions about getting vaccinated.

Please visit the VaxFactsDDNY project on social media:

VaxFactsDDNY Resource Bank

  • Professionals in the IDD community: Please visit our resource bank for a curated list of articles, tools, and research related to COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, safety, and hesitancy.
  • Submit a resource here.

Watch: COVID-19 vaccines for people with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

Click below to watch a presentation about COVID-19 vaccines for people with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities:

Watch: Why I Got Vaccinated

Check out the videos below to see why members of NY’s Developmental Disabilities community explain why they got the COVID-19 vaccine:

Kathleen Maggi (Special Olympics Athlete)

Terry Maggi (Parent and Special Olympics Coach)

Lisa Diana (Special Olympics Athlete and Self-Advocate)

Rocio Zumaya (Parent)

Vanessa Gonzalez (Parent)

Bin Feng (Parent - Chinese Language)

Aillen Aponte (Self-Advocate)

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