Presenters' Instructions

2018 Advances Meeting


Dear Advances Presenters:

Thank you for agreeing to present at the upcoming AECC Advances Meeting on October 30th at Glen Island.  To assure the success of our meeting, we ask that you review the instructions below. 


Introduction: Your talk will be introduced by your session chairperson (see agenda).  At the start of each session, we ask the presenters to sit at the speakers’ table located adjacent to the podium. 
Presentation Time:  For all sessions (20 min talks), please aim for 15 minutes for your talk to allow 5 minutes for discussion.  Our goal for the meeting is to stimulate discussion and collaboration (program agenda is attached).  Pamela Stanley is the meeting chair and will be using a podium timer to help you stay on time!
Powerpoint:  Please send your powerpoint file by email to by Noon Monday Ocober 29th.  For easy identification, please use the following file naming convention: Lastname_MACorPC.ppt (e.g., smith_mac.ppt; jones_pc.ppt).  If the presentation exceeds the maximum size limit for email attachments, use this link to send your files instead.  If you have problems/questions please call or email Tom (718-430-3512, 
Backup:  Please bring a backup copy (memory stick) of your presentation with you on May 15 and report to the projectionist at least 30 min before the start of your session to review your slides. 
Presentation:  You will have control of your powerpoint presentation at the podium and a laser pointer will be provided. 
 Note:  Please be sure to emphasize the cancer connections if the talk is more about model systems/basic science.