Institute for Aging Research

The Institute for Aging Research conducts focused multidisciplinary investigations to unravel essential elements in the biology of aging.

Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Human Aging

Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Human Aging

The first center for research exclusively focused on the biology of human aging. more 

Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence 

The IAR is one of the nation's NIA-funded Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging. more 


Faculty Honors

  • Rajat Singh (Associate Professor) received a NIH/NIA R21 Award, received an American Diabetes Association Innovative Basic Science Award
  • Britta Will (Assistant Professor) received a Leukemia Research Foundation Award
  • Fernando Macian (Professor) received a Michael J. Fox Foundation Award
  • Ana Maria Cuervo (Professor) received a JBP Award
  • Esperanza Arias (Instructor) was awarded a Pilot and Feasibility award from the NIDKK through the Liver Research Center to work in “Role of Akt/mTOR Signaling on CMA-Dependent HCC Formation and Progression”
  • Dual Honors - Evripidis Gavathiotis, Ph.D. 

Student & Trainee Honors

  • Greg Krause (MSTP) was awarded a Rainwaters Foundation travel fellowship to attend the Tau Consortium Investigators Meeting, Dallas Jan 2018 
  • Julio Madrigal (Postdoc) was invited to present his work at a plenary session of the American Diabetes Association Meeting Annual Meeting, 2017
  • Immaculada Tassett (Instructor) and Greg Krause (MSTP) were selected to present their work as oral communication in the Northeast Glenn Symposium on Biology of Aging, Connecticut Nov 2017
  • Julio Madrigal (Postdoc Cuervo lab) received an American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship 
  • Ignacio Guerrero-Ros (PhD Student at the Macian Lab) co authored the first study directed by Dr. Fernando Macian (pathology) demonstrating preserved autophagy in T cells in families with extended longevity. Dr. Barziali and Dr. Atzmon were collaborators in this study published in J. Gerontology 

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News Releases

  1. Einstein Receives $6 Million Grant to Untangle the Genetic Protections Against Alzheimer's Disease
    Monday, November 13, 2017
  2. Einstein Researchers Awarded $3 Million for Longevity and Aging Studies
    Tuesday, August 22, 2017
  3. Breakthrough in Detecting Mutations in Genomes of Single Cells
    Monday, March 20, 2017


Nir Barzilai aging research albert einstein college of medicine Montefiore Medical Center Bronx NYNir Barzilai, MD (bio) 

Professor of Medicine
Professor of Genetics
Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Chair in Aging Research


Ana Maria CuervoAna Maria Cuervo, PhD, MD (bio) 

Professor, Dept. of Molecular Biology
Professor, Dept. of Anatomy & Structural Biology
Professor, Dept. of Medicine
Robert and Renée Belfer Chair for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases

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