Department Heads, Administrators, Principal Investigators and other hiring managers now have numerous “job boards” available to them for recruitment efforts for their various positions, including research fellows and faculty. By partnering with Talent Acquisition, positions can be posted to various internet sites that are best suited to the hiring manager’s position and needs.

Using, Talent Acquisition is able to use a single platform to create, distribute, and manage multiple job posts across a network of over 100,000,000 qualified candidates. We are able to post to the sites mentioned below, in addition to over 20,000 others. Job Target is integrated into Einstein’s own applicant recruitment and posting system, iCIMS, which makes using Job Target easy and seamless.

Due to compliance and EEO guidelines, you are required to contact Talent Acquisition to post positions to these niche sites (See policy). Please contact a member of our Talent Acquisition Team with any questions you may have or to discuss creating a recruitment strategy and accessing these services next time you are initiating a search.

Click here for a sampling of free Job Boards that are available to departments
Click here for a sampling of low cost Job Boards that are available to departments