Onboarding Faculty & Research Fellows

How to Onboard Faculty, Research Fellows, Visiting Scientists, etc.
(Faculty, Visiting Scientists, Visiting Scholars, Research Fellows etc.):
  • The Hiring department and Deans Office collaborate on final offer for candidate.
  • Once the offer is decided, the offer letter is signed by Dean’s Office and sent to the Administrator. Administrator will then submit signed offer letter, along with iCIMS requisition number (if applicable) and contact email for the candidate to HR Onboarding Coordinator (Jennine Akumbu) to start the onboarding process.
  • If the candidate will not be paid, only the signed offer letter and contact email is sent to HR Onboarding Coordinator for processing.
  • The HR Onboarding Coordinator will contact the candidate to start the pre-employment screening process within 48 hours

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